Brand New SBTRKT – Terminal

New one from SBTRKT just uploaded onto his soundcloud, sounding absolutely quality, drums as always have a sweet flow and the synth just floats above of it all supported by the deep sub bass. Extremely excited to hear more SBTRKT tunes now.


Rameses B Mix – Waiting For An Angel

Just wow, if you have an hour free please give this one a listen…

Been a fan of Rameses B since his track Memoirs and with the Inspire EP dropping a few months ago he’s really creating a name for himself. I noticed the YouTube Channel Suicide Sleep has been giving the producer a lot of support for a while now, and they posted a mix by him so thought I’d give it a listen. Seamless transitions, beautiful ambience and wonderful sounds made this hour fly by, It’s almost impossible to notice when one track ends and another begins. Well Done, and Thank you, Rameses B.

The xx – Angels (Four Tet Remix)

Been having problems with my internet recently which has stopped me from blogging, hopefully all is fixed now however.

Uploaded a few days ago on the Young Turks YouTube channel and getting a first play on Huw Stephens Radio 1 Show comes a remix of one of my favorite songs released this year, by one of my favorite producers ever, Four Tet.

At first I was a bit worried about the idea of a remix for this song, because to me it is so perfect as it is, but when you allow Four Tet to do an official remix of such a wonderful song you expect big things, and to me it has delivered. I’ve been reading through a lot of the comments on the video with quite a few people who haven’t quite enjoyed it as much as myself, which I understand completely, it took me a few listens to really grasp it, but as they vocal comes in floating delicately above the beat after what appears to be a storm at 2:17 I get chills, and I keep coming back for it.

Illusive – 25 Minute Long Trap Mix

With my love for Trap music growing more and more I decided to download more tunes and extend my library. I released I had a suitable number of tracks to create a short mix for you guys to listen to. The majority of the tracks were free downloads, so if there’s a track you enjoy, cop that!

Snarebox – Bounce EP Forthcoming on Subway Music

UKF Dubstep recently uploaded a track called Bounce by an artist called Snarebox, impressed by the sound that is clearly influenced by such artists like Skream, Benga and Lost with its simple drums, weighty kicks and twisted synth sounds, I decided to do a bit of research on the producer and learnt that there was an EP in the works.

After a listen on soundcloud I can safely say this is an instant buy. The other two tracks on the EP see a sound very similar to Dismantles, however, this time it’s done right, especially in the track Catch Up with its glitchy vocal and funky beat. It’s clear the Bounce EP with have a lot of variety from the 140 speed and will be an absolute blast to listen to in full.